The Importance of Proper Care Labelling


The proper care labelling of garments and indeed all textiles is an important factor in dry cleaning.

Textile labelling is initially aimed at providing the consumer with adequate information which if followed will ensure that the textile item in question will be able to be cleaned satisfactorily without shrinkage, discolouring or coming apart or without any part of the garment becoming unreasonably damaged in the cleaning process. The consumer should expect that if a garment is cleaned according to the care label it will last for a reasonable time and be generally fit for the purpose it was originally intended.

Dry Cleaners can also benefit from the Care Labelling Regulations. Provided a dry cleaner when cleaning a garment or textile item complies with their responsibility to take all due care and follow the care label when cleaning the garment then they will not be held responsible if the garment or textile item is somehow damaged in the cleaning process. In this case the damage to the garment becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer as the care label was inadequate.

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