Welcome to the Members Only area of Dry Cleaning SA.

"Purpose of the Association"

The purpose of the Association is to show drycleaning as a professional and involved industry within the community. It's aim is to improve not only the individual member, but the drycleaning industry as a whole. It will assist in keeping the highest standards using the most professional methods, working to high ethical levels expected in any community. The Association brings together all those within the industry and the allied trades, not only to benefit all members, but also the customers of those members.

Regular meetings ensure members are kept abreast of and given help with:

.  Changes in legislation and the ensuing legalities involved .  Education in all facets of drycleaning .  Customer relations and resolution of complaints.

Membership of the Association allows those drycleaners an advantage and benefit because of the standards they keep. Regular industry seminars also keep members up to date with the latest skills and developments in the industry and the chance to speak with and attain knowledge from industry experts, both local and national.

By doing these things, the member not only gains help, but is in a position of advantage, ensuring they look into the future with confidence and pride.