Statement of Environmental Compliance

All members of the Professional Drycleaners Association(SA) Inc. (PDA(SA)) are committed to complying with the Associations Code of Practice. Part of this Code of Practice requires all Members to conduct their business and operate their plants in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. They also commit to comply with state and federal government legislation in regard to waste disposal.

Customers using the services of a Dry Cleaner who is a Members of PDA(SA) can be comfortable in the knowledge that any residual waste generated as a result of providing the dry cleaning service is treated in the most environmently friendly methods available. The current method used is solvent recovery and waste recycling. In short this means that no dry cleaning solvent waste generated by DIA(SA) members goes to landfill.

Customers wanting more information about the environmental practices of their Dry Cleaner should ask the counter staff or if they wish to understand the legal obligations with which we are all required to comply they may click on the links below for further information.

Environmental Protection Act 1993   (.pdf 500kb)

Environmental Regulations 2009  (.pdf 550kb)

EPA Waste to Resource Policy 2010  (.pdf 500kb)